Unleashing Brand Rascality: The Art of Disruptive Innovation

That “1984” commercial, aired during the Super Bowl, depicted Apple as the rebellious underdog challenging the dominance of IBM in the personal computer industry. By simply positioning themselves as the innovative alternative, Apple captured the attention of consumers and set the stage for their iconic brand identity.

Hoping you can also recall Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign, a prime example of brand rascality. The campaign strategically encourages people to defy conventional wisdom, push their limits, and pursue their dreams. Nike didn’t stop here, it provoked controversies in its advertising, featuring athletes like Colin Kaepernick in their campaigns, this sparked both praise and backlash. But in all, this bold approach solidified Nike’s position as a brand that stands for something beyond just the products.

A much recent disruption is from Tesla, the automotive industry just woke up to an innovative electric vehicles and unconventional approach to marketing. Instead of traditional advertising, Tesla relies heavily on word-of-mouth, social media, and events to promote its brand. CEO Elon Musk’s bold statements and controversial tweets have also contributed to Tesla’s reputation as a brand that challenges the status quo.

Let’s come home, Biggy Drink from Nigeria provides an interesting example of how brand rascality can help create market share. It became known for its bold and unconventional marketing tactics. The company successfully carved out a significant market share in the competitive beverage industry through its disruptive approach of Bold Branding – Loud and attention-grabbing. Their packaging features bright colors, catchy slogans, and bold graphics that stand out on the shelves. Controversial Marketing, Youth-Centric Approach, Innovative voluminous Product Offering are other noticeable tactics used to break into the big brands dominated sector.

Brand rascality, often associated with disruptive and unconventional marketing strategies, has been effectively utilized by several companies to make a significant impact.

Who dares venture into the business realm and ignore the almighty conformity? That concept that often reigns supreme, it’s as if those who have gone before us have established set down rules.

“So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservation, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality, nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit”. Christopher McCandless

Yet, amidst the ocean of predictability, there are a breed of brands that still from time to time defy the status quo, they come out to challenging norms bare chested and rewrite those rules of engagement in unconventional ways. These brands embody the spirit of rascality – a daring, audacious approach to innovation that disrupts industries and captivates audiences.

Studying the concept of Brand rascality, it is pretty easy to see that merely running the show about rebellion for the sake of it would never yield any tangibility, rather a calculated act of injecting creativity into the commonplace and sparking a revolution out of the seemingly ordinary things are the core of brand rascality. It is about “daring to be different”. It’s about embracing the unexpected, and the unconventional. It’s about shunning the shackles of tradition and forging a path that is uniquely one’s own.

This write up is really not about the how it is done but without prejudice it will be good to spend time studying and considering the iconic brands that have embodied the essence of rascality throughout history – From Apple’s audacious “Think Different” campaign to Nike’s rebellious “Just Do It” ethos, these brands didn’t just dare to challenge the status quo but also ignited lone movements that is still inspiring many generations.

Let’s be clear that brand rascality is not reserved for the corporate giants alone. It’s actually a mindset that can be adopted by brands of all sizes, in all industries. Be it a small startup disrupting an established market or a local business challenging industry convention, brand rascality actually knows no bounds.

So, how really does one unleash the power of brand rascality? In my opinion this begins with a willingness to question everything – to challenge diehard assumptions, break the hurdles put in place by set rules, and defy long standing expectations. It requires a relentless pursuit of innovation, a refusal to settle for the status quo, and a commitment to pushing boundaries…

Let’s be quick to say that brand rascality is not without its risks. It requires courage, conviction, and a willingness to sometimes embrace failure. As a matter of fact, therein lies its power – for it is in daring to fail that true greatness is usually achieved by many of this brand rascals.

In our printing world inundated with sameness and extreme “copycat” mentality, brand rascality might be a beacon of light for those wanting to start with a bang or renew the lethargic look of their current business – a reminder that greatness lies in not conforming, but in daring to be different. It’s a call to arms for brands everywhere to embrace their inner rebel, and defy convention, to unleash their full and maximum potential.

Here are some unconventional ideas to infuse brand rascality into a printing business, helping it stand out:

Quirky Print Designs: Offering a range of bold and unconventional print designs that challenge traditional norms. This could include vibrant color combinations, unconventional shapes, or playful illustrations that catch the eye and spark massive curiosity.

Interactive Print Materials: Creating those that engages the senses and encourage participation. For example, you could design scratch-and-sniff business cards, pop-up brochures, or foldable posters that surprise and delight recipients. This in a way embodies the trend of the developing augmented reality realm.

Humorous Brand Messaging: Injecting humour into brand messaging to make your printing business more relatable and memorable is always a way to go. Using witty taglines, puns, or clever wordplay in your marketing materials to add a playful twist can make your brand stand out. After-all an unknown person said and I quote
“Humour is a universal language that breaks down barriers, connects us, and reminds us not to take life too seriously.”

Creative Packaging Solutions: As the new cool for selling is about creating memories, simply offering unique and creative packaging solutions leaves a lasting impression on customers. This could involve using unconventional materials, such as recycled cardboard or biodegradable plastics, or incorporating unexpected elements, such as hidden messages or puzzles, into the packaging design or simply some unique experiential surprises like loyalty programs or some while you wait activities that invokes memories

Unexpected Print Surprises: Surprise customers with unexpected print goodies included with their orders. This could be anything from stickers and magnets to mini zines or temporary tattoos featuring your brand imagery, adding a fun and unexpected touch to their printing experience.

Print-themed Events or Workshops: Hosting print-themed events, workshops or open houses that offer hands-on experiences and creative inspiration to attendees. This could include screen printing workshops, letterpress demonstrations, or DIY printmaking sessions, providing unique opportunities for engagement and brand interaction. Letting clients into your space also offers them an insight in to your behind the scenes which could provoke better relationship.

By embracing brand rascality in some playful and unconventional ways, your printing business can differentiate itself from competitors, capture the imagination of your target audience, and foster a strong emotional connection that keeps customers coming back for more.

So, let us raise a toast to the rascals, the rebels, and the renegades – for they are the ones who dare to dream, who dare to disrupt, and who dare to change the world. Honestly speaking, the Nigeria printing space needs more of us

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