The myth of old is better.

Now how did bride price move from those symbolic tokens to today’s commercial pricing? Uncle Tunde replied to my cousin that in reality “Times do change”, economic hardship can actually influence a noble token and upgrade it to a subtle monetary policy!

In the same manner an old business format would focus primarily on the product or service in itself. We saw companies invest significant resources in perfecting their offerings, ensuring quality, and come out with great marketing campaigns that projects their unique features. The attraction to the customers pivoted on the utility and efficiency of the product. The success of the businesses were largely determined by the product’s performance and how well it met customers’ needs. It is instructive to note that no one really cared who the owners of the luxury wrist watch brand like Rolex was…

Things started to quickly change with the development of digital methodologies, emergence of business model started experimenting a fundamental shift in perspective. It’s no longer just about the products but about the people behind the products. The undeniable power of storytelling starred in the fore of Businesses as a trend, sharing the journey of their creation, the inspirations that fueled their ideas, and the many relatable struggles faced along the path is fast becoming a reason for the growth and success of a business. A successful business today must offer the option of allowing customers to connect with the brand on a personal level, for something transformative to quickly happen businesses are now putting forward a narrative to help customers understand the startup journey, core values, quirks of the people behind the brand, and if their personality resonates then customers become devoted patrons and this provokes a high sense of customer loyalty. This deeper connection forms an emotional bond between the brand and its customers. It creates a sense of trust and relatability, fostering a community around the brand.

Let’s now narrow down to the finer details of setting up a printing press today, knowing that there are quite a number of well-established printing houses, will a new entrant use
the old format of business competing based on features and pricing or embrace a very effective emerging model of businesses competing based on authenticity, relatability, and the ability to create meaningful connections? As customers worldwide are no longer just looking for a product; by the day they are seeking an experience, a story they can be a part of. We are beginning to see that the latter is a shift that has started revolutionizing the way businesses approach marketing and customer engagement.

I have seen very many new printshops at startup embracing the human aspect of business, companies can create a lasting impact by pushing narrative using the social media that It’s not just about selling a product but about sharing a relatable narrative, inviting customers to be a part of something bigger. In this evolving landscape, print businesses that understand the importance of connecting with people on a personal level are thriving even without owning all the equipment, while those adhering to the old format alone may find it challenging to keep up with the changing demands of the market.

Another factor is that this evolution is provoking intellectually inquisitive print entrepreneurs, those asking why, how, when and have to be faced with an array of convincing reasons on why it can’t be immediate. My guess is that anyone coming in now has to contend with the challenging economy with its multifaced concubines like high cost of equipment, lowest purchasing power ever and a low spirited unmotivated buying population, so new comers will have to be creative and one method that has been working is “emotional marketing” or emotional branding” which simply preaches using emotions to create a connection between a brand and its audience, the aim is to invoke feelings like joy, empathy or even nostalgia to influence customer behaviour.

In drawing a conclusion, one must highlight the concept of “Past glory” which refers to the achievements, successes, and positive experiences that a person, a group, or a society has had in the past. It often serves as a source of pride and inspiration, reminding individuals or communities of their capabilities and accomplishments. The longevity of past glory largely depends on how it is remembered, celebrated, and passed down through generations.
In the short term, past glory can have a significant impact on people’s lives and the way they are perceived by others. It can boost confidence, foster a sense of identity, and provide motivation to pursue future goals. However, the lasting effect of past glory is not guaranteed. Over time, memories do fade, historical events are sometimes overlooked especially when generations after generations appear, and new achievements can overshadow past accomplishments.
The duration of past glory’s influence also depends on how it is utilized in the present. If individuals or communities continue to draw inspiration from their past achievements and use them as a foundation for growth and progress, the impact of past glory can endure for a long time. Conversely, if past glory is merely seen as a relic of the past, without relevance to the present or future, its significance may diminish more rapidly, old formats trying to remain relevant however will then embrace storytelling to bring forward lessons of their past glory to create a connect between the product and its buyers.
Additionally, acknowledging the context in which past glory was achieved, including the challenges faced and the lessons learned, can provide valuable insights for the present and future.

In summary, past glory can have a lasting impact if it is remembered, celebrated, and integrated into the fabric of a new concept of today’s business and in reality, both the old and new print players need this new shift in the world business trend.

Printing is not immune; its methodology must evolve.

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