Who grants the permission to succeed?

I remember vividly this story of my life and it will help me lay a foundation for this all important question in this difficult time in the history of our nation and especially our printing industry.

I got picked up from the Muritala Mohammed International Airport and was taken straight to a customer site, I have been away for 3 weeks understudying the manufacturer of this latest prepress equipment, it was one of my most difficult trainings, the weather was against me, it was my first real winter, the first week of my stay was greeted with a malaria attack, doctors in this country couldn’t help so I had to brave off a chronic malaria inside this freezing hotel room, luckily I had some anti malaria drugs but it wasn’t easy. I told myself I didn’t need permission from anyone to get well quick, as employer, customers and colleagues are waiting back home for my return to add value to the company and the industry, I spoke to myself about getting well in the next few days so I can catch up what was lost because I know I needed every piece of information back home, at that point it will be me and my creator trying to figure things out.

Fast forward, this is me at the customer site, the equipment has arrived and I am to install it and train the operators on how to use and get the best out of it. Standing in front of the big man, he said so it’s this tiny guy that is holding up my installation? My reply was sorry sir!
It turned out that the concept of my millionaire mentor started with this customer, he said I reminded him of himself, he also repaired photographic machinery in the past and customers waited for him on many occasion like he did for me. We clicked and my mentorship journey started, he coincidentally was going to advise me when I decided to start out in the business of selling and maintaining printing equipment and his words still rings in my head, his reply when I laid my options on his table was “Crowned prince (this is what he still calls me till today), you don’t need anyone’s permission to succeed in life, just do it”

Even with all information, plan, tactics and strategies some won’t succeed because they don’t give themselves the permission to do so. Why? They feel they don’t deserve success, not worthy of achievement and praise, you won’t succeed if you don’t give yourself the permission to succeed. Always avoid this monster called Self sabotage, don’t be too hard on yourself- perfectionist beware (stop noticing all mistakes, there will always be grey areas so leave allowance for this). Have you been told to alway keep studying transformation? No jump in and transform. If you don’t start out in the journey it is impossible to get there.

I am not too young, so I remember Nigeria had a national carrier, I also remember that my mum had put me on a train during a long vacation from school and my dad picked me up at the other end in Markurdi where he was at the time serving in the Nigerian Army.
Whose permission do we need to bring back Nigeria Airways or the Railway? Or bring back the failing educational system? In fact let’s leave the national issues for awhile and come closer home to what we can immediately relate with, I got into the printing industry about 20 years ago and I remember vividly that I repaired prepress machines for the “last man standing” in textile printing, they paid their prepress staffs higher than the offset commercial printers. In our very eyes one of the most lucrative part of printing disappeared. Whose permission do we need to bring back our textile printing industry?

A big thumbs up to our higher institutions, they do their best to produce printing graduates despite the huge limitations, I personally feel that the curriculum should be adjusted though so printing graduates can be trained to take the lead in any modern press which is not the case today, please whose permission do we need to ensure graduates man and maintain those expensive modern presses?

Now that foreign exchange is scarce, whose permission do we need to encourage local production? I have seem sincere efforts by ink producers locally, but whose permission do we need to further partner and encourage this efforts to help us save foreign exchange? In the same wise whose permission do we need to start promoting Made in Nigeria printing equipment? Or collaboration to attract partners for modular paper mills? The quality won’t be perfect from the beginning but whose permission do we need to be determined to ramp up to achieve best possible and acceptable quality?

Daily we see the older generation bottling up their wisdom and experience, whose permission do we need for massive generational transfer? I mean the older generation needs no one’s permission to set up a mentoring platform for the generation termed “lazy youths”.

This time last week Twitter was still active, we are in a period that all things changes so rapidly, if time and season isn’t asking for our permission to change, why wait for permission to change your industry and the world around you? There are a lot of things we can’t control but the question is what are your reactions to forced majeure, life will always happen but how do you respond to life? Are you still blaming everyone else for the high prices of printing raw materials? Or have you taken a step back to analyze the situation so you can see a few solutions for a different outcome?

The new rule is to take responsibility and be accountable for your results if printing is to be profitable again!

Whose permission do you need to take responsibility?

  1. I Adebayo Philip O. do not need anybody’s permission to succeed! Yes, I don’t. Thanks so much for allowing many of us to stand on your shoulder to see far. You are indeed a blessing to our world.

    Sir, I wrote this last week may be it will make sense to u sir:
    *Moving Forward*

    Printing has the capacity to give +15% of employment opportunities in Nigeria bcos of high value chain. Infact printing is second after Agriculture.

    It is a great insult for our Nation to be turnning out job seekers at all times.

    Nigeria have alot of job that we don’t have skills for and alot skills that we don’t have job for. Hence we say there is unemployment.

    I think it’s therefore imprerative for our institutions of learning to change the content of educational courses and curriculum to be meeting the needs of the hour.

    The following courses are now sort after and I strongly advice that we give it priority.

    ***Graphic Designs

    ***Interior Designs
    ***Welding & Fabrication
    ***Wood Designs
    ***House Maintenance & Cleaning Services etc

    I am *Adebayo Philip*

    1. I so agree with you sir, we must reposition printing to solve problems. That is the foundation of the printing profession, people needed Bibles it provided abundantly, we need road signs printing provides it, we need to build a brand it also does in many ways – graphics design and adverts, labels and packaging etc.

      We need no ones permission to reposition our industry for growth!

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