The plug and the surge

A scenario that we have seen many times is to hear a spark and when lucky a fuse in the plug is broken to prevent damage to the apparatus that the plug is helping to power. In many cases there probably was a power surge and this surge causes grave damages when one is unlucky or not properly protected against it. But in developing this write up my inspiration came from my younger generation friends who have consistently called me “a plug” – you know yourselves!

A rewind, our younger generation communicate in slangs, if you want to belong you have too little a choice than to learn some of those slangs. To them what is a plug? A plug (or the plug) is a person who has the ability to get or supply hard-to-find items, historically this started with drugs and pimping, but today a plug is actually a good thing. I accept to be a plug in the printing industry, we need more and more people who can help solve difficult issues in this industry so we do need lots and lots of plugs, some 13amps, some 15amps and even extremely higher capacity. It will be safe at this point to say that a plug is simply people resource.

Speaking about resources, people happen to be the greatest resource and this printing industry does have a lot of them in clusters – do we start from the academia? Those who produce printing graduates and research complex issues to help us with directions and making extremely informed decisions? Or the loads of highly professional apprentice and their experienced and high in wisdom journeymen or master craftsmen? Or the money people who fund and bring out the best in the business of printing by ensuring we run modern equipment and technology or should we start x-raying those bold and daring operators, their trainers and the load of technical people who ensure that all deployment and how the equipment run effectively is taken care of, I will never forget the graphic artists in my opinion they decide if a product will come out with that wow effect or not – the most creative set of people I have ever met. Respect to an industry that we can’t exhaust its people resources, as they keep growing daily.

According to Wikipedia, “a resource is a source or supply from which a benefit is produced and that has some utility. Resources can broadly be classified upon their availability — they are classified into renewable and non-renewable resources. An item becomes a resource with time and developing technology”. I particularly like the last part which implies that people become resourceful with time and developing technology, by implication this industry will never lack people resource but we however need to intentionally develop them, encourage the growth of our “plugs” and ensure they are protected from the power surges of this world.

A surge can occur when there’s an unexpected interruption to the flow of electricity through the grid, they come unannounced and leave destruction and the main aim is to damage something. To reduce the effect of power surge it is always advisable to put in place proper electrical earthen and surge protectors.

In this difficult period we can do well will more plugs; plugs are selfless, they allow electric current pass through them to the apparatus in which they power.

Are you a plug or the surge?
Do you disrupt or destroy?
Are you there for the long run or just a flash in the pan?
Are you a whole number or a zero?

Are you resourceful? Your most likely answer will be YES. Truly we are all resourceful in our own different ways and It is about time we harness these resourceful abilities (like; Open mindedness, self confidence, reading far and wide and applying them appropriately, being Imaginative and innovative, being resilient, adaptable and honest) not only to create more resources that we could share but rather use them to create avenues for more resources and opportunities that will go round the entire printing ecosystem, so that there is enough for everyone.

To remove all doubts, a resourceful person;

  1. Doesn’t know the answer but knows how to get it
  2. Resourceful people think outside the box and ensures they think through all possible way to achieve a task
  3. They are driven and inventive in getting what they need and want
  4. They anticipate and prepare for problems
  5. They think of what they can do with what they have

I like how Napoleon Hills put it “A resourceful person will always make the opportunity fit his or her needs”.

The question again is can we all become resourceful? or what do you think?

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