2021 print business predictions and trend

There is an excitement that comes with a new year, the opportunity to right some wrongs, sometimes it allows for a new beginning or even making a total U turn for some business decisions. Print companies would be looking at their year-end accounts and will require some decisions, especially because the 2020 wasn’t really a palatable one for print businesses all over the world. Before we go on permit me to wish you a happy 2021.

One lesson that the covid 19 pandemic has helped bring to the fore undeniably is the fact that “digital printing supply chain has the ability to respond effectively to the market trends”. Finished product could arrive in the shortest possible time and for extremely minimum orders. For best efficiency though proper planning must be a new culture and “lastminute.com” attitude must be grossly discouraged. It is what it is, a new world that demands responsibility is here to stay. This is akin to ensuring we follow all covid 19 protocols like washing our hands regularly or sanitizing them, wearing face mask in public, avoid large gathering etc as a means of keeping safe. 2021 definitely will demand personal responsibility from every one for the survival of all of us. Again, it is what it is!

Online activities have increased, in fact meetings have shifted to many online platforms and so have sales. In 2021, traditional retail sales will continue to decline…

We however must first agree that a lot of things will not add up this year. For instance electricity supply will keep getting worse yet you will be asked to pay more for it, landlords will try increasing rent for building that are deteriorating because that’s their only hope of survival. People will keep up with valid agitations but resources will remain scarce (even for those who truly wants to resolve those agitations). Increased agitation must be expected even in the printing value chain, this to any printer in 2021 must be a call to up creativity level.

Mergers, collaboration and strategic partnership will start to happen as many printing companies can’t continue the struggle, if the business is not generating enough to keep up with the obligations then many will close shop while others will wise up and embrace collaboration.

Homes will continue to be the safest place, thanks to this pandemic, so home is certainly becoming a focus. It is then natural for product trends to include much more increased demand for home and lifestyle goods. For instance, more and more people will make their homes cozier and more comfortable – home textile decorators will need to up their expectations.

In 2021, print business will definitely not be a stroll in the park, we will have to strive for sustainability. The year 2020 exposed how vulnerable our staffs were, many do not update their skills, we saw supply chain disruption mainly because import and foreign exchange was badly hit. If we are to sustain this year, we need to adopt proper stock management, rework production to reduce waste and resources, sales and marketing procedures must make a shift, while the entire business is positioned in line with present realities. To achieve this some automation will be required in our processes. Technology must help, meaning new skill sets will be required. Those who will make this shift fastest will benefit a lot more than those who don’t. We so suspect that training and retraining will be a trend in printing that will separate the boys from the men.

Still on automation customer relationship management (CRM) application will come in handy, so will some apps that will help to link print buyers with sellers.

It is safe to say technology will drive print sustainability in 2021

Compliments of the season.

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