Printing and life

Colours are the friends of their neighbours and the lover of their opposites – Marc Chagall. It can be safe to conclude that he said this because he was an artist and appreciated colours. Meanwhile, it was Wendell Philips who one day after his vast experience working as an attorney said “What gun powder has done for war, the printing press has done for the mind”. Even though he lived till the year 1884 which was about 430 years after the creation of a commercial printing press, he was saying let’s imagine a mind that hasn’t been fed by the product that comes out of a printing press. Did I hear you say unimaginable? Printers are important to man’s existence, no doubt. Please follow me as I mirror a typical day of Mr. someone… The alarm clock goes off at 5am. He wakes up throwing away his duvet and a beautifully textile printed bed sheet appears, off to the toilet to empty his bladder, he then spread some toothpaste (Flexo printed) to brush his teeth. It’s time to read his bible (offset printing) and pray to the Almighty God. Then it’s time for a quick shower, both shampoo (label printing) and the soap wrapper are printed, same goes for the lotion and hair cream, they are all printed on. He gets on the dining table, the table cloth, bread wrapper (Flexo printed), tin milk, coffee can (metal decoration), coffee mug (sublimation printing) etc are all printed on.

He grabs his car keys, the key holder is printed (engraving), the car dashboard (Screen and 3d printed), he took a right turn and noticed that the prints used in branding the bus stop had just been replaced, a new Internet provider is starting out in the area, it was a wet morning the BRT bus that just sped pass splashed muddy water on the car that was washed just yesterday, he was about to curse when he saw that the bus was branded (large format printing) with his church program coming up over the weekend. He continued driving… Wow, there had been an accident and the road sign displaying his office street name has been knocked down. Blaring the horn, as the security men opened the gate he smiled and waved at the same time, complimenting the clean and well ironed branded uniform (textile printing again), now it’s time to clock in, he brought out his work identity card (plastic card printing) touching the access control with it the barricade opens up. Good morning sir, said the lovely receptionist who handed him his copy of the daily newspapers. Then he settles down and calls for some letter headed paper (digitally printed) to start writing the letter of reminder to his clients… Meanwhile it’s only 8.25am and he has been in contact with so many printed matter, not to talk of the ones he didn’t observe because they weren’t obvious. Listen, everyone comes in contact with prints multiple times daily, even the government depends on printers to make our airports presentable… Millions of businesses need receipts for them to generate money. After journalist reports what the government is doing they need printers to roll out the newspaper so the world can read. Imagine a nation without currency, they even need printers to print money! The printing profession is needed by all works of life; Oil and gas, after they drill the oil, we will print labels for their engine oil and even brand their filing stations. Airline? The need printers for their duty free magazine, the on flight food packaging and at least the sign that shows emergency exit The Medical institution? We print drug package and information leaflets. Food and beverage industry? We print on pet bottles, can, make the pizza boxes, even ordinary apple I see tiny labels on them now, printers print them ensuring the inks and printing process used wont contaminate the foods. Automobile? They need printers’ big time. Home decoration? We are actively printing chair covers, curtains etc. Exhibition stand? No exhibition is done without printers. Supermarkets? Plenty to print on the various products. Manufacturing? Family planning? Sachet water? Sweets and chewing gum? Printers are needed everywhere… My reason for the long illustration is because I don’t understand why all Printers shouldn’t be rich, especially as our services are needed by almost everyone, every day. If you know why please let’s use this as an opportunity to enlighten each other. Great week ahead. Thoughts from: Akin Oduwole CE @ Technology Global

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